Margaret Reed Dora the Explorer recording photo.jpg

The Reed You Need Voiceovers

by Margaret Reed

I'm proud to have voiced TV & radio spots and industrials for Cigna, Ford, Hitachi, Johnson & Johnson, Bank of America, Foxwoods, Estroven, Excedrin, Rockefeller Center, Nix, Neutrogena, People's Bank, Lojack, Citrucel, Sony, US Military, the Catholic Church, Genentech Medical, etc.

I've also been the voice-double for an Oscar-winning actress in a recent Oscar-winning film and the voice of the home-wrecker to Kate Winslet's Mildred Pierce on HBO, as well as many voices on the video game Saints Row2, Dora, The Explorer, and other games/interactive videos.

For voiceover auditions & bookings, please contact my agents at Access Talent, Chas Cowing, Linda Weaver, and Melissa McGee Johnson.  212-684-7795 or 212-331-9600. 171 Madison Avenue, Suite 1005 NYC, NY 10016