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Private Acting & Comedy Coaching
Special Spring Sale - $60

With all the network TV Showcases and Workshops holding auditions this Spring, like the CBS Diversity & Inclusion Workshop (click here), you need professional private coaching to make your audition stand out from the crowd! 

Specializing in COMEDY COACHING, Maggie will guide to EFFECTIVE SCRIPT ANALYSIS that leads you to create vivid, fun, and entertainingcharacters in Theatre, Film, or TV - dramatic or comedic!  Feel confident and relaxed, so you can have fun doing your best work!

Regular coaching rates are $125/hour. The Special Spring Sale is more than half off the regular coaching fee!  Buy multiple sessions to stock up for the future!  Hurry before Summer starts!  Offer ends June 20, 2017.  Sessions must be completed within one year from purchase date.

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Offer ends June 20, 2017

Get Acting Gigs in 2017!

In person | In NYC | Facetime |Internationally via Skype

Private Acting & Comedy Coaching Sessions

The Right Choice, When You Need it Most 

Achieve your goals of being on TV, in Films, or On Stage with Private Acting Coaching from Maggie Reed - Your SitCom Coach!  Get individualized attention toward your specific acting challenges whether they are in your auditions, scene studies, emotional connection, script analyses, on-camera skills, or on the job.

Specializing in COMEDY COACHING, Maggie will guide to EFFECTIVE SCRIPT ANALYSIS that leads you to create vivid, fun, and entertaining characters, whether they be dramatic or comedic, in Theatre, Film, or TV.  

Personalized coaching sessions are an hour of intensely focused time directed toward making a LASTING TRANSFORMATION IN YOUR ACTING PROCESS.

Whether you’re preparing monologues, working on your technique for cold readings, character study, moment-to-moment reality, auditions, interviews, or just starting with the basics, Private Acting Coaching Sessions will help you feel CONFIDENT AND RELAXED, so you can do your best work.


COACHING SESSION POLICIES:  If a CANCELLATION occurs within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment time, a full session fee, plus the studio fee, is due.  SESSION PACKAGES expire ONE year from purchase date. There are no refunds for unused sessions.

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The One-Day Comedy Audition Intensive

One-Day Comedy Intensive at Ripley-Grier Studios. Frank Schiavone, Pooya Mohseni, and Joanna Fanizza on-camera, with teacher, Maggie Reed.

One-Day Comedy Intensive at Ripley-Grier Studios. Frank Schiavone, Pooya Mohseni, and Joanna Fanizza on-camera, with teacher, Maggie Reed.

Taught by Your SitCom Coach - Maggie Reed

Sunday, June 25, 2017

11:00am - 5:00pm

520 8th Ave. Fl 16 (air conditioned!)
(between 36th and 37th Sts.)
NYC, NY 10018

Limited to 10 students

Venmo* $195 or $170 for Maggie's clients/students & Union members to @YourSitComCoachMaggieReed
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Master Your On-Camera Comedy Confidence In SitComs, TV Comedies, & Comedy Films! 

Get the confidence you need to audition for comedies of all kinds with this intensive one-day, on-camera, SitCom/Comedy auditioning intensive.
You'll emerge with a solid technique for breaking down comedy scripts, an experiential understanding of The Rules of Comedy, and universal on-camera auditioning skills.
If you've already taken this workshop, come work out with us!  Maggie will assign a scene for you or you can bring your own.


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The 4-week
Multi-Camera SitCom Workshop

Master Your On-Camera Comedy Confidence
in SitComs & Comedy Films! 

In this unique-to-NYC, 4-week, Multi-Camera SitCom Workshop you will work toward mastery of The Rules of Comedy, Multi-Camera Blocking, On-Camera Auditioning technique, and detailed Comedy Script Analysis.  Techniques learned will add to your confidence on single-camera TV shows, films, theatre, and other media platforms.  Exercises, Physical Comedy, watching professional SitComs, and continued practice of  Multi-Camera Comedy skills will keep you on track toward your Sitcom and Comedy booking goals. 

Session 1 - Prepared SitCom scene of your choosing. On-Camera Comedy Audition Technique. Analysis of professional SitComs.
Session 2 - An assigned, partnered, SitCom scene with Multi-Camera Blocking.  All actors work on the same scene (during this session only) in order to learn the importance of Rhythm and Multi-Camera Blocking.  Analysis of professional SitComs and short homework assignment.
Session 3 - Physical Comedy short scenes learning double-takes, triple takes, spittakes, and slow burns.  Analysis of professional SitComs and homework assignment.
Session 4 - Multi-Camera, individualized, partnered SitCom Scene work, blocked as though you've booked the gig and are on set.

Taught by Your SitCom Coach - Maggie Reed

4 Thursday Nights - Comedy Scene Work - April 6, 13, 20, 27, 2017

4 Monday Nights - April 10, 17, 24, May 1, 2017

7:00pm - 10:00pm

60 Madison Ave.  Suite 601
NYC, NY 10010

Limited to 10 students


$300 for Maggie's Students/Clients & Union members

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Cash is also accepted.

$325. $300 for Maggie's Students/Clients & Union members.

MultiCamera SitCom Workshop THURSDAYS - April 2017

$325. $300 for Maggie's Students/Clients & Union members.

MultiCamera SitCom Workshop MONDAYS - Apr-May 2017

Why take class or get coached by Maggie Reed?

Because you want to work as an actor! Maggie will give you the tools and techniques that will result in confidence in your skills, especially your comedy skills and script analysis, when auditioning, performing, and having meetings with people in the Biz.

Fresh off the set of Hidden America with Jonah Ray - Nashville, which airs on NBC's digital platform, Seeso, Maggie Reed's first 2017 feature film premiere will be as Tim Blake Nelson's wife in John Turturro's Going Places, along with Bobby Cannavale.  In Matthew Greene's new play Gregorian with the Working Artist's Theatre Project in NYC, Maggie was recently seen as Academy Award-winning screenwriter Frances Marion.  Having provoked hilarity as 'Masha' in Christopher Durang's Tony Award-winning Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike on a 3-theatre U.S. tour in 2015, as well as 'Mary Contadi' in Seinfelds “The Baby Shower”, Empty Nest, The Golden Girls, Blossom, The Hannigans, Babes, Spin City, along with laying on the drama in HBO’s Mildred Pierce, 7 Law and Orders, many other roles on primetime TV, including Limitless, Star Trek TNG, watch some of her work here: http://www.themargaretreed.com/reels/, films (6 films in 2015), and theatre, such as The Barrow Street Theatre’s Orson’s Shadow, plus 8 years as Shannon O’Hara McKechnie on As the World Turns, (with an M.F.A. in Acting from Cornell University and a B.A. in Theatre Arts from the University of California/Santa Cruz,) MAGGIE REED – YOUR SITCOM COACH, has the acting chops and 15 years of teaching know-how to help guide you to your best, most comedic or dramatic actor-self on-camera, on-set, and on stage. She is the top teacher in the NYC area who specializes in teaching Situation Comedy acting and camera technique, both multi-camera and single-camera for TV and films. www.TheMargaretReed.com for more. http://YourSitComCoach.com

Glowing reviews from Maggie's students below and on the Your SitCom Coach Facebook page:

-- I'd been wanting to take Maggie's class for a couple years and finally made it happen. I have a pretty strong comedy background but had never worked with multiple cameras/blocking for multiple cameras. Maggie knows everything about playing for the camera and I feel I left class with a lot of great information to work better on camera and especially on-camera comedy. It was great to learn from a working actor who has been on sitcoms and knows her stuff. Kristin Cantwell

-- You'll be surprise how quickly you can catch on. I'm new to comedy and the eye-opening tools Maggie provided in this Workshop were extremely helpful. Maggie is so Awesome!! Between the Script Analysis Vocabulary and the Script Analysis Rules, (things I've never heard of) Omg!!! she makes it really easy to grasp and understand. Maggie is Excellent at what she does. Sign up for her workshop - you'll learn a lot. Apples Stewart

-- I cannot say enough great things about Maggie and her sitcom class. First, she is an expert in this field. She's worked for years on a variety of shows and knows the biz inside and out. Second, she not only gives you tools for script prep but also a vocabulary to work on set once you land the job. She's so fun and passionate about her work. Halfway through the class, I booked a comedy and applied so many of her lessons to my role. If you love to make people laugh and dream of being on a sitcom, this class is for you! Sarah Nedwek

-- Maggie Reed is the best acting teacher or coach that I have ever worked with. She truly cares about the young talents that she is nurturing and teaching. She is also a lady of great integrity, professional as well. Maggie has not forgotten what it is like to be a start-up actor, she shares her many experiences and her wisdom. If you want to really perfect your craft, Maggie Reed is the way to go. Billy Ehrlacher

-- Just completed Maggie's 4 week class. So much packed into 4 weeks including the 4-camera experience, sitcom vocabulary, and technical breakdown of sitcom comedy. A must for any actor looking to enter the world of TV sitcoms. Thank you, Maggie! Phyllis Pastore

-- Maggie brings real life experience to her teaching which i believe is the best teacher,she tells you how it is once you get on set and thats where the performance counts. I truly enjoyed her classes and she definitely help me hone my craft to a whole different level! Glenn Robert

-- I used to watch Maggie on TV, she was my teacher, & then my coach...she rocks & oh yeah, she cares. Chrissy Carroll

-- One of the top three coaches I refer NYC actors/actresses. Learn comic cues, marks, and much more from a working actress (which current tense and not past tense... very rare in this field of work.) Lean how to work and keep working as I owe a few credits from her coaching myself (she's that good!) Casey J. Smith



To any actor, dramatic or comedic and to comedians if you wanna be more truthful, authentic, funny and technically on target on a real film or television set than do yourself a favor and study with the phenomenal Maggie Reed, the onset coach with the best approach. Don’t believe me? Well, when you see me in my own sitcom, you will. But, you don’t have to wait for that!

AS SEEN ON: Comedy Central, Caroline’s NY http://bit.ly/SheilahSmileyYouTube


I wanted to say thank you for your class. It was your “at least 1 audition a week” assignment that pushed me to audition for Steven Tylor O’Connor, which led me to the NBC pilot, which got me a manager and now this role on OITNB. I’m very thankful for your class and guidance. I’ve never taught before, so I don’t know if you experience enough sincere THANK YOUs…so here is a very deep, heartfelt, Thank You, Maggie. You mean the world to me. None of this was a possibility when I first walked in your class on that free trial day. Thank you.

Recurring on Orange is the New Black, Hulu's Deadbeat, and NBC's Next Caller.  Carrie Diaries, Younger, Public Morals, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Abstract Poverty, The Queens Project, Fourth Man Out, Carefree, and Todd Solondz's Wiener-Dog.

Trey Gerrald - IMDB




Well I went in there and I rocked it! I feel really good about the audition. It felt great and for the first time I realized 'that's how you do it!' Thank you so much for your help. It's made me realize that in the past I've not really been sure what work I should do for an audition so just faffed around learning the lines without getting really detailed. Now I know the specifics of the work I can do and it makes me feel so much more in control. Even if I'm not right for this part for whatever reason I'm satisfied that I did a good audition for and made a good impression on them.

So once again you rock! Thanks

Just filmed a guest-starring role on Quantico after returning to NYC from the highly successful two-theatre run of "One Man, Two Guvnors" http://www.clairewarden.com


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