Do You Know Seeso?

Do You Know Seeso?

(Photo left to right: Director Paul Bonanno. Lindsey Ginter. Margaret Reed. Creator/writer/actor Jonah Ray, who's also the new Mystery Science Theater 3000 host.)

Grateful For The Gigs! Margaret Reed's 2016 Career Re-Cap & 2017 Premieres

Grateful For The Gigs!  Margaret Reed's 2016 Career Re-Cap & 2017 Premieres

1st column: With Josh Mostel in The Amazing Ray; with Tom Sizemore and Cybil Lake in Central Park Dark; and with Judith Roberts in Rüya Koman's Reunion.

2nd column: With Bobby Cannavale, Tim Blake Nelson, & John Turturro in a feature film comedy premiering Spring 2017; with Marty Kove in Puppets; with Alan Hasnas & Samantha Scaffidi in Damien Leone's Terrifier; and with Academy Award-winning director Peter Werner on the set of CBS's Limitless.

3rd column: SAGAFTRA; as Academy Award-winning screenwriter Frances Marion in Matthew Greene's play Gregorian; Amy's Horse theatrical play podcast; on set of Laura Bray's Undocumented.

4th column: With Keith Chandler and director Joe Ronca in By The Dashboard Light; with Kevin Nagle in Hugh Scully's Confabulation; with Josh Lewis and Lauren Augarten in her SameSame webseries as her parents; poster for Natalie Roy's Far From The Tree.

"Limitless" airs February 16th & New SitCom Courses in March

What an auspicious & delicious way to start my acting gigs in 2016! 

Being on set for three days as the FBI Interrogator on the quirky CBS series, Limitless, directed by the Academy Award-winning Peter Werner, living the words of Co-Executive Producer/Writer, Taylor Elmore, (who obviously has so much fun writing that even his stage directions are a blast to read!), and making a treasured new friend in Evgeniya Radilova, reminded me of how I've lived a lot of my career on TV so far, and how I see it continuing in the future. 

More thanks than could ever be expressed (for so many things) to the generously spirited Jennifer Rudolph of The Actor's Green Room for suggesting me to Ross Meyerson and Kim Krakauer of Tucker/Meyerson Casting.  And a big thank you to Kim Krakauer for giving me such awesome support during the casting session, too.  The episode is called "Undercover" and it airs February 16, 2016.


On the teaching front, there are two new 4-week SitCom Courses, sponsored by The Actor's Green Room, that I'm really excited about.  I love helping actors with Script Analysis tools, The Rules of Comedy, Cold Reading skills, and much more for their pilot season auditions and bookings. Click here to enroll. Check out the times and details here, along with information on Private Coaching here:


The trailer for Carlos Amaral Baptista's Written in Stone came out last week.  Here's one of my scenes:


The Amy's Horse Live Theatre Podcast that all of us actors and the producer, Christopher Flockton, recorded in each of our own home studios was a blast.  It's Episode 9, Ninety Degrees of Separation by David Guaspari. With Abigail Hawk as Sondra and Chris Kipiniak as Zandor, both recording from New York. Joined by Margaret Reed in New Jersey as Nina, and Tim Hopper in Chicago as Roy.


I can't wait to share the fruits of my directorial debut with everyone.  It's looking really good in post-production. That's for my next blog post.........


A Sweet '16 to you and yours!

2015 - From Theatre to Film, And Beyond!

2015 was filled with many happy acting projects including a 3-theatre engagement, first at the 2015 Tony Award-winning Best Regional Theatre Cleveland Play House, then to Mark Cuddy's brilliantly run Geva Theatre Cente and his equally welcoming The Cape Playhouse, as global celebrity Masha, in the Tony Award-winning play #VanyaAndSoniaAndMashaAndSpike, cast by the inimitable Paul Fouquet, with 6 or so films rounding out the year.  

A few of them include Josh Mostel's tough-talkin' wife in the comedy by Isaac Chehebar, "The Amazing Ray," cast by the incredibly warm-hearted Donna Grossman Bernstein; the lovelorn lead in the extra-talented Hugh Scully's "Confabulation" with Kevin Nagle and Frank Schiavone; and the devastated mother in the awesome spoof by Chris Carfizzi, with amazing makeup by Lenore Koppelman in #WhitePrivilegeFrankenstein.  

The year's-end feature film was as the mother of the horrified daughter Samantha Scaffidi and Alan Hasnas as my husband in #DamienLeone's "Terrifier", with much gratitude owed to the hilariously talented actor & "LI Diva" award-winning star, Katie Maguire Edri, who also produced and cast me in #ChristopherEadicicco's "Waiting for the Sun."

Plus some voiceover gigs. And I started teaching my SitCom classes at The Actor's Green Room, thanks to the generously-spirited, bright light, that is Jen Rudolph.

Looking forward to continuing the filming of the oh-so-gifted Joe Ronca's feature film comedy, By The Dashboard Light, in 2016, as the erotic-Jeopardy aficionado mother of the lead character, perfectly portrayed by Keith Chandler and DP'd by the amazingly creative eyes of Derek Mindler.

And I'm so excited about the juicy series regular and recurring roles that I am booking on primetime TV series in 2016!  Maybe as Liz Keen's mother on #TheBlacklist.  Or a family member on #KevinJames' new multi-camera #SitCom coming to NYC. Or another of Denis Leary's old flames on "Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll." ;)

Happy Holidays to everyone!!! And may 2016 be the year that all the rest of your dreams come true! Blessings, goodies, and love to you, your family, and friends!!!

SitCom Mini-Intensive Sunday, Dec. 6, 2015

SitCom Mini-Intensive Sunday, Dec. 6, 2015

Be prepared to be on TV comedies, like Kevin James' new Multi-Camera SitCom coming to NYC 2016.

SitCom Blog by #YourSitComCoach - Maggie Reed

Do the C.O.W.* Everybody now! Well, not Everybody.Just actors who want to start DEVELOPING A CHARACTER through script analysis.

These are the 3 steps:

Go through the script and write down what your 1. Character says about themselves 2. What Others say about your character AND...wait for it... 3. What the Writer says about your character

After you do that, you're probably going to start feeling like you're getting a pretty good idea of who your character is.

One thing I love about acting is that it's like a big jigsaw puzzle that's so fun to 1. find those innie-outie pieces and 2. start interlocking them until there is a clear (yet, nubby) picture of your character.

Of course, there are more steps after this. But, I said 3, and I'm a woman of my word. ;) Have fun with this 1st dive into your character's world.

For coaching on more script analysis skills and further character development techniques, contact #YourSitComCoach - Maggie Reed at Sessions available either in person in NYC or over Skype. Check out more information and session fees, including volume discounts (going up January 2015) at

*I totally stole this concept from Mary Lou Belli. She is an awesome teacher, and is also the incredibly talented director of the hit TV show Girlfriends among many other popular TV shows. And she's a very accomplished writer, as well - Acting for Young Actors and Directors Tell The Story. pGal6ttjc0vNfyjylGStndOJHnpsf0a6daUO-lVn87Q