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Do You Know Seeso?

Do You Know Seeso?

(Photo left to right: Director Paul Bonanno. Lindsey Ginter. Margaret Reed. Creator/writer/actor Jonah Ray, who's also the new Mystery Science Theater 3000 host.)

"Limitless" airs February 16th & New SitCom Courses in March

What an auspicious & delicious way to start my acting gigs in 2016! 

Being on set for three days as the FBI Interrogator on the quirky CBS series, Limitless, directed by the Academy Award-winning Peter Werner, living the words of Co-Executive Producer/Writer, Taylor Elmore, (who obviously has so much fun writing that even his stage directions are a blast to read!), and making a treasured new friend in Evgeniya Radilova, reminded me of how I've lived a lot of my career on TV so far, and how I see it continuing in the future. 

More thanks than could ever be expressed (for so many things) to the generously spirited Jennifer Rudolph of The Actor's Green Room for suggesting me to Ross Meyerson and Kim Krakauer of Tucker/Meyerson Casting.  And a big thank you to Kim Krakauer for giving me such awesome support during the casting session, too.  The episode is called "Undercover" and it airs February 16, 2016.


On the teaching front, there are two new 4-week SitCom Courses, sponsored by The Actor's Green Room, that I'm really excited about.  I love helping actors with Script Analysis tools, The Rules of Comedy, Cold Reading skills, and much more for their pilot season auditions and bookings. Click here to enroll. Check out the times and details here, along with information on Private Coaching here:


The trailer for Carlos Amaral Baptista's Written in Stone came out last week.  Here's one of my scenes:


The Amy's Horse Live Theatre Podcast that all of us actors and the producer, Christopher Flockton, recorded in each of our own home studios was a blast.  It's Episode 9, Ninety Degrees of Separation by David Guaspari. With Abigail Hawk as Sondra and Chris Kipiniak as Zandor, both recording from New York. Joined by Margaret Reed in New Jersey as Nina, and Tim Hopper in Chicago as Roy.


I can't wait to share the fruits of my directorial debut with everyone.  It's looking really good in post-production. That's for my next blog post.........


A Sweet '16 to you and yours!

December 2014 On-Camera Courses with Your SitCom Coach-Maggie Reed. Weist Barron Studios.

AUDITIONING FOR SMALL PARTS (Under 5 lines) TBAThursday December 4, 2014. 3:00-5:00pm. AND/OR Tuesday December 16, 2014. 6:30pm-8:30pm at Weist Barron Studios, 35 West 45th Street NYC

“It’s only a few lines, what’s the big deal?”

That’s what you might ask yourself when you get your audition script for a co-starring role on TV or a day player in a film, right?  But, once you get to the audition, if you haven’t prepared properly, you feel lost and unsure about how to deliver such a seemingly simple scene.  The Under-5 Workshop will give you a solid technique for preparing for those short scenes.  Learn how to create your character’s world, while still serving the script, with 5 lines or less.  Films are filled with these short scenes, as well as primetime and daytime TV co-starring roles. Be prepared.  Get the confidence you need to Nail those Under-5′s!
$45 for a single class.  $40 for each additional class.
Please go to for more information and call 212-840-7025 to enroll.

_________________________________________________________________________________________________________ SITCOM COMEDY INTENSIVE SitCom Logos_Me SUNDAY, DECEMBER 14, 2014, 10:00am-5:00pm – Weist Barron Studios, NYC

You know the Rules Of Comedy, now come play with them all day in this Intensive On-Camera Workshop of Sitcom Scenes chosen specifically for you.  Or you can bring in scenes of your choosing*.  Either way, it’ll be a blast improving your script analyses skills, like how to find the jokes and how to land ‘em, all while gaining more comedic confidence for slammin' SitCom success in any comedic adventure you encounter!

*Scenes MUST be memorized before the beginning of class, so register ASAP to give yourself time to get those words down.

ONE-DAY ONLY  10:00am – 5:00pm

$145 Special Holiday price

Please go to to sign-up by Paypal or for more information and call 212-840-7025 to enroll.

To get the confidence you need for the approaching pilot season, book private coaching sessions with Your SitCom Coach-Maggie Reed, in-person or on, now to hone your funny bones and get the confidence you've been looking for with your comedy monologues and scene work.  In-person or on  Click here to take advantage of current rates before they go up January 1, 2015.