A Mother of a Month Both On-Camera & Off

It was a Mother of a month for me this May 2016, both on- and off- camera. And it continues on into June, too!  Feeling so blessed to be involved with so many amazing people, my sons included as:

1. My first born, Zach, came home from The Ohio State University, having completed his Junior year there with top grades and a new physique from his regimented diet and workout discipline, with an infectiously positive attitude about life and the Law of Attraction, which I so admire in him. Makes for lively discussions that I LOVE!

2. My second born, Matt Myles, has achieved straight A's in his Junior year of high school and will be inducted into the High Honors Society and French Honors Society, as well as excelling in baseball & football kicking, and mentoring younger kids in sports. Next year he will also be one of the captains of the football team as QB, DE, and Kicker - (55 yard field goals!)

3.  My three amazingly wonderful sisters, Kathy, Carolyn, and Beezie used Facetime to include my son, Zach, and me across the 2,995 miles from Pacific Grove, CA to northern New Jersey, as they buried our dear mother's ashes on May 10, 2016, the same date a year ago when our loving mother passed away, on Mother's Day, in the town of my birth, Salinas, California. Bittersweet, but lovely, with shared laughter, too, as always with them. So glad Zach was with me to comfort me as the urn was laid into the ground. He's such a dear, compassionate soul.

And life goes on....

4.  Loved portraying the kookily enthusiastic mom, Annie, to the multi-talented #LaurenAugarten's Aviva in her awesome new Scissr The Series with the hilarious #JoshLewis as my husband. Directed by the inimitable Stephanie Begg. I'll be in Season 1, episode 5 & 6 coming out soon! (pun intended ;))

5.  Good-exhausted by the end of the day from filming the role of a near-death Alzheimer's patient with the lovely and exquisitely talented Emily Vere Nicol as my character's daughter in a #DavidRosfeld film project, produced by #VickieAlvarez, DPd by #RyanZacharyEmanueland ADd by #BenjaminOrifici, with warmly generous help from warrior goddess #RoseHaag and #TheaThompson.

6.  My two SitCom courses had their final sessions for the month of May with the incredible talents of #KaraAddington #FionaChoi #DanaAscoli #EileenElliott #HillaryHamilton #AliKennedyScott #LauraDowlingShea #MaryStewartSullivan #ShatalaSurya #OliviaBaptista #JoshHemphill #KimRamirezConnelly #ChrisCarfizzi #PatrickPizzolorusso #AmandaBruton #PageCooperAnderson #JakeDutmer #NicoleFazia #JennyGuse #MichelleJung #MariaPeyramaure #PaulaRossman #DeannaSchwartz and #JillianAbbeyMason. Kinda like a mom - you know, a guide, a wise(er) woman (in terms of SitCom knowledge ;)), a confidence-builder, encourage-r, and supporter (that's my goal, anyway). Thank you all for the opportunity to contribute to your happiness-quotient and your on-camera comedy confidence. It's truly a joy for me to do so. Your SitCom Coach - Maggie Reed

7.  My new On-Camera Comedy/SitCom Workshops will start June 2, 2016.  Information on those courses and my acting coaching services can be found at: http://YourSitComCoach.com. The flyer for the offerings is here: http://app.mailerlite.com/r8w9v0

8. Can't wait to adopt a Canadian accent to play the brilliant Natalie Roy's mom in her 2-handed film, Far From The Tree, with the ever-loving support & light from her cohort in creativity, Kristin Hanggi, directed by Jenna Pace, produced with the wizardry of John Davisi. Shooting in June! Can't wait to C.R.E.A.T.E Community with you amazingly awesome souls!

9.  And then dinner-and-a-movie on Mother's Day with my two tall, dark, & handsome sons, Zach and Matt. It's been a very HAPPY MOTHER'S day, week, and month for me.

Wishing the same for you and yours.

Cheers and happiness,