Articulation & Breath Exercises

Hello there, Thank you for volunteering to help with this test audio of the Articulation & Breath Exercises. Please let me know any and all of your thoughts about it at It's around 20 minutes at this point because the instructions are a part of it. Another shorter version will be recorded that just has the exercises on it without the explanations, which can be used once the exercises are understood. Use the written instructions below to help guide you along.

Would it help to have this as a video instead? Or in addition to having the audio version? Thanks. And have a great, gentle but invigorating, warm-up. :)


1. Gently blow through your lips with no tone, 3 times, breathing into your diaphragm deeply, letting your ribs expand without your shoulders rising up, before each blow. Then, blow through your lips 3 times, but add the tones of the musical scale. See how many notes you can EASILY reach while warming up your lips and your vocal folds.

2. Now try tongue trills. 3 times with no musical tones, then 3 times with musical tones up and down the scale.

3. Now, repeat each of the 3 articulator exercises below, 3 times, without straining or harming your voice. This requires a large breath, (expanding your ribcage, without your shoulders rising up,) before each repetition.

Tongue exercise: (Back of the throat to the lips): Kah, kah, kah Gah, gah, gah, Tah, tah, tah, Dah, dah, dah Bah, bah, bah Pah, pah, pah

Cheeks, mouth, and facial muscles exercise: Wee-ooo, Way-ooo, Wah-ooo

Lips, tongue, mouth, and facial muscles exercise: MahMahLah, PahPahLah MayMayLay, PayPayLay MeeMeeLee, PeePeeLee MowMowLow, PowPowLow (like the word "low", as in "not high") MooMooLoo, PooPooLoo


Breathing from the diaphragm, (expanding your rib-cage out, without your shoulders rising up), practice these nursery rhymes, from memory, until you can recite them at least TWICE at a moderate speed on ONE breath. Control your breath, letting it out SLOWLY, so it runs out as the last recitation ends. See if you can get to 7 times in one breath, once you've practiced many times.

Mary had a little lamb. Twinkle, twinkle little star Its fleece was white as snow. How I wonder what you are. And everywhere that Mary went, Up above the world so high, The lamb was sure to go. Like a diamond in the sky.