Joy. That's our business.

Joy. That's the business we're in. We, in the entertainment biz, are in the business of sharing and inciting Joy. In our audiences, in our collaborators, in ourselves. And not just happy-peppy, feel-good Joy, which of course, is a delight. But, also, the joy that comes from a deeply felt insight, an epiphany, or an acknowledgment of a perspective that one might not have thought of before. Thoughts about that idea?As I describe my objectives for my prospective logo to designers, that emotion keeps coming up. Finding ways to produce it, to create it, to help others feel it. That's my mission with my newly-titled coaching biz, To produce joy by helping actors and standup comedians craft joy through their creations. So, here's a giggly story from Taylor Negron through The Moth. "No matter how horrible your day is, no matter how scary your night is, everything can turn on a dime, and with a knock on the door...." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you haven't discovered yet, you're in for a treat of the imagination, like back when radio was the only home entertainment. Since the visuals aren't there, your imagination gets to create all of them in your head. So sit back, listen, and enjoy. It's very funny. If you have a story to tell, check out how to do it here:…/tell-a-story/index.php.